LAUDE ILLUSTRE with Gro Siri Johansen voice, Elizabeth Gaver medieval fiddle, rebec, Björn Ross visuals  - Italian laude songs and Norwegian folk music and moving images of stucco paintings from  Nordic churches.


NEWROOM with Ida Bach Jensen doublebass & electronics, kalimba - Libre Vermelle, traditional music, sound, experiments, recitation, pedals...

SOLO Hildegard von Bingen, trobairitz, medieval ballads, Prophecy of the Seeress, traditional folkhymns, kulning ...

AGNETHE & LEAH works together on German music around 1450 and Scandinavian ballads. They explores the links between Scandinavia and northern Europe searching for the common legends.  

ORFEO 1996 soloist with ARS NOVA Music by Bo Holten Contemporary

HILDEGARD VON BINGEN 1998 with medieval ensemble ALBA. medieval

HENRY THE 4 1994 with AURORA baroque/rennaissance

MEMORIA MORTIS 1990 with ensemble Charneyron medieval

DAVIDS NIMM 1996 by Karin Rehnqvist Contemporary


SONGS OF LONGING & LUSTFUL TUNES 1992 with medieval ensemble ALBA medieval

THE RHEINGOLD CURSE 2002 with Sequentia medieval

ET BARN ER FØD 2001 Christmas music with ensemble ALBA medieval

KRONE UND SCHLEIER 2006 with medieval ensemble Sequentia medieval

2012 ELDPROVET Swedish folkmusic with ULV L. S. Norin and E. Gaver folk/early buy here

2006 LOST SONGS OF A RHINELAND HARPER with medieval ensemble Sequentia medieval

THE TESTIMONY OF MELANGEL 2011 by H.T Jespersen with Music for the Mysteries buy here Contemporary

MUSIC FOR THE MYSTERIES 2010 By Hanne Tofte Jespersen Contemporary buy here

WEST OVER THE SEA 2008 with harper Helen Davies folk/early

CELESTIAL HIERARCHY 2013 with medieval ensemble Sequentia medieval

LE DOLCI DONNE with singer Merete Sveistrup and harpsichordplayer Monica Westheimer. Early Italian baroque - Strozzi, Frescobaldi, Monteverdi ...

FORGOTTEN TREASURES with Henry Linder organ, clarinet - old traditional hymns/ballads, Kingotradition, Evald Tang Kristensen....

ENSEMBLE ULV  with Lena Susanne Norin, voice, Elizabeth Gaver medieval fiddle, voice - Ulv presents unique Swedish music repertoire from a medieval perspective.

DIE TENCHEN MORDER 2001 with medieval ensemble ALBA medieval